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School Principal Hideyuki Aoki

We all have different backgrounds, such as our lifestyles, traditions, religions, etc. Also, we have different abilities, personalities, and ways to live. I hope we can all respect the existance of each person, realize the difference between each other, and study together with people who believe learning is necessary.
We, the YMCA College of Human Services, aim to be the place where we accept the difference of each people we meet inside and outside the school and find their good quality. We will accept students who appreciate our conception and are eager to mature as members of the global society.

To have curiosity and concern for various things going on in the society, and to be able to act independently.
To have no prejudice against different values, cultures, sex, etc. and to be able to establish good relationships and coact with various people.
To listen to other's thoughts and claims, and to be able to express one's own opinion.
The faculty and staff should also be able to face their own issue with various people, and offer a place to learn.
We hope to learn the above through studies and experiences in our school life.

Head teacher Kasumi Irie

We find that students from Yokohama YMCA Japanese Language School are keen to maintain their ties here even after they graduate. There are many reasons for this. They keep in touch to let us know how they are getting on, or they might introduce their friends and acquaintances to the school. It must have been quite stressful for them when they first came to Japan so we are always delighted when they come back to us.

Also, graduates often say things like “I wish I could go back to my time at YMCA!” Life at YMCA isn’t always easy, but there is something about this place that makes our students want to come back. We also offer our students a range of opportunities and events to meet with other Japanese people which are not available at other Japanese language schools.

If you are thinking about studying Japanese, why not come to YMCA for a rewarding experience? Whatever your goals, we are here to help you achieve them. I look forward to meeting you all!