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Department of Japanese Language

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Full of Student Interactions!! Surely You Can Master Japanese in This Way!

Everyday in our life, we think about various issues and take actions. Our language ability is closely linked with how we act. We will study the "listening", "speaking", "reading", and "writing" skills with good balance, and aim to acquire Japanese language ability ready for entrance exams for universities and graduate school, as well as ability to express ourselves.
The merit of studying at the Atsugi campus is that there are various school events you can join together with Japanese college students from other departments. Through school events and daily exchanges, our students are deepening their relationships with other students and teachers by building up confidence in their Japanese language as a tool.

  • Master Sound Japanese Language Skills Our lessons train students to be able to communicate in Japanese at various scenes. We offer you an attractive, well-planned curriculum from elementary to advanced levels. Also, there are many volunteer Japanese supporters who will help you practice your Japanese after classes.
  • Various Opprotunities of Meeting People At the YMCA College of Human Services, your daily life will be full of opportunities for exchange: with Japanese students, with volunteer activities in Japan and abroad, with the children of the nursery school attached to the college, and with international students from all over the world.
  • Sincere Support Living in a foreign country far from home, you may face various difficulties. However, the YMCA will support you from many ways, such as housing, part-time job, visa, etc. Also, our teachers, rich in experience and as one team, will give advices and full support on your securing employment or proceeding to higher education.

Class Hours

4 periods a day, 5 days a week from Monday to Friday.(20 periods a week, 40 weeks a year, total of 800 periods.)

Morning Session
1st period 9:00〜9:50
2nd period 9:55〜10:45
3rd period 10:55〜11:45
4th period 11:50〜12:40
Afternoon Session
1st period 13:00〜13:50
2nd period 13:55〜14:45
3rd period 14:55〜15:45
4th period 15:50〜16:40

*Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and on National Holidays.*Long Vacations: Please check the Annual Schedule for further details.
☆Summer Holidays (about 2 weeks from early August to mid-August)
☆Autumn Holidays (about 3 weeks from late September to early October)
☆Winter Holidays (about 2 weeks from late December to early January)
☆Spring Holidays (about 3 weeks from mid- March to early April)


Students will be divided into classes according to their results of the placement test and interview test. You cannot choose class hours and levels.

Beginner 1 Level JLPT N4
Intermediate 1 Level JLPT N3
Intermediate 2 Level JLPT N2 ・ EJU
Advanced Level JLPT N1・ EJU

Advancing to Japanese Graduate School・University・Vocational School / Job-Hunting in Japan / Permanent Residency in Japan

Application Requirements

1. The applicant must have completed 12 years of formal education or meets requirements for admission into high education such as universities in their home country.
2. The applicant must have a contact person residing in Japan.
3.*Courses vary according to visa. Please see admission books for details.
4. The applicant must have a certificate equivalent to N5 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test to obtain a student visa.

School Fees

2-year Preparatory Course
Entrance Fee 100,000 yen
Tuition 1,280,000 yen
Facility Fee 40,000 yen
Total 1,420,000 yen
1.5-year Preparatory Course
Entrance Fee 100,000 yen
Tuition 960,000 yen
Facility Fee 30,000 yen
Total 1,090,000 yen

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