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School Principal Mamoru Hiraoka

“The YMCA Japanese Language School's mission is to nurture students who, through the study of the Japanese language and culture, will contribute to the realization of a society in which people from many different countries can live together in mutual understanding.” This is the common educational philosophy of YMCA Japanese Language School. We aim to provide students with the opportunity to learn Japanese language, to understand Japanese people and Japanese society, and to contribute to the realization of a peaceful society. You will be cared for and supported by your classmates, teachers, office staff, volunteer tutors and many other people around you. We hope that you will take care of those around you and support them as well. This will lead to the realization of a society where we can live together. Let's study hard and enjoy our life in Japan! Please ask for help whenever you need it! At the end of the day, we are sure that you will feel “I'm glad I studied at YMCA!”

Head teacher Satomi Kotajima

Why did you decided to study Japanese? Is it because you like the Japanese cartoons and animation? Or, is it because you want to proceed to higher education or find a job in Japan? There must be various reasons, but we are so happy that you want to study Japanese while there are so many countries in the world!
We, the YMCA College of Human Services, will not only support your dreams, but have prepared programs where you can meet Japanese people of various ages. Apart from your studies, let's look at the world with a wider view. You may find something new!
Let's enjoy studying with students from various countries. The Atsugi YMCA is looking forward to studying with you.