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Our Facilities

Yokohama YMCA College, Department of Japansese Language is located on the 8th and 9th floors of the 9-floor building. In the same building, there are various YMCA activities carried out such as sports club, after-school child care, language school, etc. People of various ages, such as Japanese students of the Department of Occupational Therapy, babies to the elderly of our sports club, and children of the Global Kindergarten all gather at this YMCA.

Also, since Yokohama YMCA is supported by many volunteers, you can find many volunteer groups here. We treasure the chances of our foreign students learning Japanese to establish relations with these people connected with the YMCA.

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The Yokohama YMCA College, Department of Japansese Language started accepting foreign students as "YMCA Business School, Department of Japanese Language " in 1988, and the year 2018 will mark our school's 30th anniversary. During this 30 years of our history, foreign students were always making continuous efforts to master Japanese language. At the same time, strict but affectionate teachers enthusiastically taught them. Accumulation of each effort of every student related with us are supporting the Yokohama YMCA College, Department of Japanese Language today.

Realizing they had made the right choice to study at the Yokohama YMCA College, Department of Japanese Language, many graduates come to see us even after graduation and introduce us new students. Join us and study with us at the Yokohama YMCA and have a well-filled life studying in Japan for your future dream.